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Jemma Wynne 18-karat Rose Gold, Ruby And Diamond Earring
Jemma Wynne 18-karat Rose Gold, Ruby And Diamond Earring
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Solving Talent Management Challenges
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Background Drug Screening Solutions Cloud Technology

We provide Background Checks, Drug Screening and other verification services that provides you information on your applicants and employees.

Our sister company also helps companies hire, train, and retain the right people through our innovative and interactive web based and personal consulting practice. TalentValue International — Putting your people and organization into focus.

TalentValue International — Putting your people and organization into focus.

Naming a company sends a message. Words tell a story. If it makes sense, it crafts a distinctive image. At Veriproved Screening you can be assured that you are well informed with verifiable information on the people you intend to hire


We are TalentValue International . . . putting your people and organization into focus. [expand findme="auto" title="Who is on our team?" tag="h3" id="w1" rel="who-highlander"]

TalentValue International

[expandsub1 title="View Bio" rel="sub-about-highlander" id="t1" tag="h6"] Doug Duncan, President of TalentValue International has 30 years of experience in business planning and human resources working to enhance and improve companies and organizations. His clients include companies in a wide variety of industries including commercial and residential painting contractors, supermarket, coffee service and beverage, dental, roofing, restaurant, hotels, insurance, manufacturing, technology, construction, architecture businesses and non-profit organizations. He has consulted for large best-in-class companies in the supermarket industry as well as a large mid-west insurance company helping them build their strategic and human resource systems. Prior to founding Your HR Solutions, Doug held various senior HR management roles for a $6 billion dollar supermarket and wholesale company. During his 18 years with that firm he oversaw human resources, international sales and strategic planning. Doug holds a Masters of Human Resources and Labor Relations from Rutgers University and has served as President of his alumni association. As an adjunct professor at the College of New Jersey he has taught and lectured in all areas of human resources and strategic planning. He earned his BA from Earlham College in Richmond, Indiana. Today Doug serves on the board for the Institute for Arts and Humanities Education in New Jersey, the Society of Human Resource Management (SHRM), Rutgers University Alumni Association and as a trustee at his local public library. What distinguishes TalentValue International, Inc. is that our approach is the ability to link the business needs of the organization with practical systems to hire, train and engage employees as well as innovative ideas to keep the basics of your administrative costs under control. The result is an integrated system that is more efficient and effective in reducing turnover and improving overall productivity. [/expandsub1]

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By Reporte de Crain News Service
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BURNABY, Columbia Británica (16 de julio de 2014) — Se pronostica que el mercado de neumáticos de Argentina crecerá alrededor de un 10 por ciento anualmente hasta 2019, según TechSci Research.

En el reporte de mercado “Pronósticos y oportunidades en el mercado de neumáticos de Argentina, 2019”, la firma de investigación dijo que la tasa de motorización baja en conjunto con el aumento de la renta disponible y el crecimiento del sector de negocios de tamaño pequeño y mediano están aumentando la penetración de automóviles en Argentina, lo cual consecuentemente promete un “futuro brillante” para el mercado de neumáticos del país.

TechSci no divulgó los datos de embarques de neumáticos actuales para respaldar su pronóstico, pero dijo que el segmento de neumáticos de pasajeros domina los embarques.

“Más aún, debido a la ventaja geográfica de Argentina, el bajo costo de manufactura y la disponibilidad de fuerza laboral barata y capacitada, muchos fabricantes de automóviles líderes en el mundo están estableciendo sus unidades de fabricación en el país y exportando automóviles a los países vecinos”, dijo Karan Chechi, director de investigaciones, creando por lo tanto un crecimiento de demanda de neumáticos del fabricante original.

A pesar de que la trayectoria de crecimiento del mercado de neumáticos de Argentina, particularmente el segmento de automóviles de pasajeros, se vio afectada por sus condiciones económicas adversas internas en 2012, lo cual afectó en consecuencia la demanda de neumáticos en el país, las ventas de autos de pasajeros presenció un rebote en 2013.

El sector vio un crecimiento “robusto” de dos dígitos, y de este modo mejorando el mercado de neumáticos del país, según TechSci, el cual dijo que la tasa de crecimiento de neumáticos del país de 2009-13 fue el 14 por ciento anual.

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